18 May 2022


EDITORIAL: Indian Army Escalating Tension – Asking for Trouble

India is a nation that has territorial disputes with almost all its neighbors with the exception of Bhutan and Sikkim – the two docile states were absorbed into the Indian domain by coercion. Nepal, China, Pakistan, Burma all states are still waiting for India to end its jingoistic policies and end the forceful occupation of their territories. India had tried to solve its territorial disputes by wars with no positive results.

The BJP Nazi-type fanaticism has compelled Indian leaders to adopt a gung-ho style policy at the borders which no neighbor is willing to tolerate. Pakistan has been patiently watching India terrorize the Kashmiri population by annulling article 370 which granted an autonomous status to the Kashmiris for seven decades. The Kashmiris are now prisoners of Indian brute force with no basic rights – Internet, jobs medicines all gone.

India is trying to play a similar game in other parts of the region, the Nepalese government and people have protested the Indian annexation and inauguration of roads by the Indian defence minister in Kalapani area claimed by Nepal. Nepal’s foreign ministry expressed “regret” at India’s “unilateral act” and called upon India to refrain from carrying out any activity on Nepalese territory. Nepal’s foreign ministry reminded that Nepal claims all territories east of Mahakali river, “including Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipu Lekh” as per the 1816 Sugauli Treaty”.

The Indians not only provoked the Nepalese government but foolishly also antagonized the Chinese Army on the LAC by building highways and solid structures for a military buildup. The Line of Actual Control separates Indian Anurachal Pardesh from Chinese territory. Despite the fact that no serious military skirmishes have taken place on the LAC since the 1962 war, the Chinese have warned that they are not willing to tolerate Delhi’s belligerence and recent troops buildup in Eastern Ladakh.

But how long will the Chinese army rely on throwing rocks to scare away the intruding Indian soldiers from their territory. India has swallowed large chunks of Chinese Territory which are historically part of China’s Tibet region. India has occupied 90,000 square kilometer of Chinese territory and with its nefarious design of merging the state of Jammu and Kashmir to Ladakh its territorial intentions in the region are not peaceful.

The 2017 standoff on the disputed Doklam plateau is repeating itself in 2020. US is finding it hard to see its arch rival China spreading its economic power in the region. It has been trying to rope in countries to create hurdles for the Chinese in the South Pacific region and India has volunteered to jump on the US bandwagon. Alice Wells biased criticism of CPEC depicts the moral and diplomatic bankruptcy of US foreign policy in the region.

China is not Nepal or Bhutan. The India army and Modi will think twice before adding more fuel to fire in confrontation with the Chinese in the northeast region. In 2018 the Indian Navy’s Milan exercise involving 23 navies provoked the Chinese to claim that “Now it’s possible that the conflict between China and India will extend beyond land to the sea,”. Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat, had boasted on several occasion that India “is ready for a two-and-a-half front war”.

History and ground realities support the Chinese claim to the region occupied by the Indian army. The message from the Chinese leadership to the Indian government and army is crystal clear  – vacate the Chinese territory unconditionally or face the consequences.

India has lost all senses and its pipe dream of annexing Chinese territory will back fire. The Chinese army is four times the size of the Indian army and has the equipment and might to resolve the territorial problem in days not weeks.

Modi perhaps has been intoxicated by his foreign trips and US assurances that India was an important country and friend. China is more important when it comes to the market size and its economic potential. No country will wish to intervene on behalf of Indians and earn the enmity of the Chinese. The Indians are seemingly putting a brave face but their hearts are pounding due to fear of a Chinese military reprisal.

The western countries instead of mediating a peaceful resolution to the conflict have adopted a nonchalant attitude waiting to gauge the Indian Army’s response and sell their military equipment to a defeated Indian army.

The Indians are foolishly imagining that they will be able to get away with this land grab and maintain a status quo like in Kashmir. This gamble will cost Modi his popularity and end the BJP rule in India.

The truth is that vis a vis China, India is poor and weak. The 1962 war history will repeat its self if the Indians do not come to their senses. The Modi government is relying on false facts – the Chinese army is waiting to teach the Indian army a lesson which perhaps will cause it to calm down its ambitious policy of becoming a regional power.

Please share your views with World Tribune. Do you think China will let the Indians get away with this land grabbing gimmick? How much does Delhi gain militarily by occupying and annexing regional territories and lose economically by destabilizing the region.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar