18 May 2022


14th August 1947 – Pakistan Zindabad

The month of August is a special time to remember the sacrifices rendered by millions of Muslims of the Sub-continent to create an independent country for the Muslims of this region.

Since the fall of the Muslim rule in India, Muslims of this region were leading a life of double subjugation, utter misery and humiliation at the hands of the British rulers and their Hindu partners.  The social chasm between the Hindus and Muslims had grown very wide, economic disparity was shocking – while the Hindus and British ruled the Muslim populations were victims of poverty and economic depravity.

The British had legislated laws and deprived Muslims of all property and power, only a few stooges who supported and adopted the British way of life retained their titles/privileges and ruled their mini states as pseudo-rulers.

The Muslims of India had no choice but to unite under the leadership of Quaid-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah and struggle for their rights.  “Hindu and Muslims are like two poles asunder from each other, while the Hindus worship the cows, the Muslims eat their meat” commented the Quaid and all agreed with his speeches.

The birth of the two nation theory was an inevitable consequence of Hindu hypocrisy and British tyranny. According to historians, the religious and cultural differences between the Hindus and Muslims had grown wide and their separation into two states the only solution to the simmering hatred. The Muslim in minority saw no future under Hindu rule.

The British Empire and the might of the Hindus could not nullify the struggle of the Muslims who had vowed to create an independent Muslim country. In their desperate attempt to sabotage the attempts of the Muslim the Hindus unleashed massive waves of massacres among the Muslim.  Thousands of Muslim corpses lay littered in the streets of Hindustan but nothing prevented the Hindus from going on a killing spree.

According to International media, two million people lost their lives and millions were displaced. Huge waves of Muslim families left their homes in India to flock refugee camps in the newly created Pakistan.

A nation called Pakistan was born on 14th August 1947. We should be proud of the sacrifices rendered by Muslim families in 1947 and those who struggled before them for the empowerment and revival of Muslim rule in the region.

Unfortunately, due to persistent dictatorial rule and unhealthy politics, the country created by the Muslims of India and Qaid-e- Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was bifurcated 1971 as the Bengali brothers were pushed to create a free country of their own. Bangladesh came into existence because the history and sacrifices of the past generation were forgotten.

Let us remember and accept that the fruits of freedom that we enjoy today is possible due to the magnanimous sacrifices rendered by our forefathers.

Let’s us remember the shaheeds who fought against the enemy of Pakistan on the borders and in the streets and fields of the country to protect our Muslim ideology and people.

70 years of freedom was a blessing of Allah may these blessings grow infinitely till eternity.

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Your Editor

Shahzad Badar