18 May 2022


Breast cancer kills 60,000 annually

Can we afford to be silent and let cancer kill 60,000 women each year and spread in our homes? Should we not talk and save our sisters, mothers, wives and friends from the scourges of breast cancer which is totally curable if detected during the early stages. If diagnosed early the survival rate is 90 percent.

Wake up and help it is ruining the lives of 90,000 women annually in Pakistan. Most of those suffering are from rural areas where the concept of health and hygiene is very poor.

Ignorance is not a bliss in this case- it’s a curse killing 40,000 women with cancer each year and afflicting 90,000 annually.

Pakistan, unfortunately, has the highest rate of breast cancer than any other Asian country. According to a research estimate, approximately 1 out of every 9 women are likely to suffer from this disease at any point in their lives. About 77 percent of breast cancer occurs in women over 50 years.

Deaths due to breast cancer can be prevented if women undergo routine mammography and learn to check themselves. This would greatly increase their chances of getting an early cure and leading a healthy life.

Early detection and education can help fight breast cancer. The old taboos of not going for medical check-ups and not discussing health issues can lead to dangerous consequences.

Educate your self- and others. http://pinkribbon.org.pk/

Breast cancer is curable- detect it and eliminate it. Educate your friends and make Pakistan a healthy country.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar