18 May 2022


Indian Occupied Kashmir – The Largest Jail On Earth

Pakistanis expressed solidarity with their Kashmiri brothers on 5th February to condemn the Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir. Kashmir has become the largest jail on earth where human rights violations go unnoticed by the world. The UN has failed miserably in condemning and stopping the largest human rights violation on this planet.

The Indian government’s decision to abrogate article 370 plunged the entire occupied Kashmir Valley into a chaotic situation. The entire population has been locked up in their homes with intermittent curfews mocking the Indian article 21 of the constitution that guarantees civil liberties to Kashmiris.

Supply of medicines, food, and telecommunication facilities have been cut off creating a complete blackout in the valley.

The Indian army has locked up politicians, civil rights activists and thrown them in jails outside the valley. The twice selected pro Indian Cheif Minister Ms. Mehbooba Mufti is among the politicians who have been incarcerated by the Indian government. She in her statement has regretted her past decision of supporting the Indian Kashmir policy.

Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir have endorsed the “two-nation” theory which gave birth to Pakistan in 1947. Indian civil society has condemned Modi’s decision to bifurcate the valley and reducing its status to union territories. Petitions have been filed in the Indian Supreme Court to declare the abrogation of article 370 illegal.

The Indian bluff of claiming itself as the biggest democracy has been  shattered and it has become crystal clear to the world that India is a fake democracy – a fanatic Hindu state hell-bent on crushing its minorities.

The Indian army which was using pellet guns, chemical weapons and cluster bombs are now gearing up to conduct a planned genocide in Kashmir to change the demography of the valley and flood in Hindus from different states. The Indian RSS and BJP that follows the Hitler/Mousolanni fascist agenda will be assisting in the Kashmiri pogrom. These parties have ample experience of killing minorities and demolishing mosques in India under different pretexts.

Modi was able to fool the world and clean away all the blood that he had shed in the massacre of the Muslim population in Gujrat but it would be difficult for him to conduct a Gujrat like massacre in Kashmir as the people of the valley know how to resist and fight the Indian army. The Pakistani government and people have declared unconditional support for the Muslims of the valley and India will have to pay a heavy price for its atrocities in Kashmir.

The people of Pakistan are fully prepared to help their Muslim brothers in Kashmir and end the Indian military occupation.

Please share your views on how rights could be restored in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar