18 May 2022


There is no short cut in life, it only puts you way back from where you started off from says Omer Qazi.

By Misal Shahzad


John (industry name) Omar Qazi, Omar Qazi, or Omar Javeed Qazi is a Pakistani actor with French Mongolian ancestry was brought up in Lahore (Pakistan) by father Dr Qazi Javed Iqbal and mother Gulrukh Javed. Omer Qazi is known for his incredible style and great looks. He finished his initial education till his A levels from Aitchison College Lahore and completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree from an internationally recognized university in Lahore.

Omer has been exceptionally aspiring since his adolescence when he was just thirteen, he began gyming and demonstrated extraordinary interest in Martial Arts alongside different side interests like Horse Riding and Dance. In the wake of finishing his 10th grade he ventured into Pakistani showbiz industry. In the wake of being introduced to Abdul Qayyum one of the mainstream photographers.

Being a risky business he thought of doing it only as a hobby while concentrating more on his degree and with his studies and passion until Qaiser Ali Shah and Tariq Ismail Sagar casted him for the role of Arif in Grift the TV adaptation of the novel Dehshatgard. Not long after that he chose to give more opportunity to acting acknowledging it a superior profession choice for him. During that period Syed Noor casted him in his film Sapne Apne followed and Dakait which end up being a huge hit in the cinema world. Proceeding with his television profession simultaneously he did a show called Bahaar Anay Tak for writer and director Aftab Iqbal, after which he got a break when Fahim Burney casted him for his romantic love story Kabhi Tum Juda na Hona opposite actress Veena Malik. At that period when the film Industry went down, and Omar proceeded with his TV profession in Karachi.


Omar has had the pleasure to be the top choice of the best director of PTV’s Golden period including Qasim Jalali, Kazim Pasha, Haider Imam Rizvi, Ali Rizvi, Saleem Tahir, Atta-ul-Allah Baloch, Ghazanfar Ali and Ayub Khawar. Omar has had the privilege of being sponsored by the Actors Studio in 2014, being the main Actor from south Asia to speak to Method Acting by Hollywood legends like late Martin Landau and Al Pacino. Omar has additionally acted in theater, film and television during this period at Hollywood California until he returned to star in the highest budget and even the most elevated earning incredible show Chanar Ghati under the Maestro Ghazanfar Ali who was likewise the underlying maker PTV drama Warris. Omar’s movie Kaun Hai is under production director by Qasim Noor (Syed Noor Brother) and his up and coming tasks as a film on-screen character are Jeenay ki Arzoo and Fauji, and other TV ventures.


 What describes you?

I am generally very loving caring but reserved but people I do not know. I take time to understand and develop bond with people. No doubt I am an easy-going person, but take time to build my comfort zone

Storyline you wished you be part of.

Scent of a woman is one script I really wished I were casted for.

-What is your take on new faces and younger generation working with senior actors?

They are doing a good job, regardless of having senior PTV producers or that environment to train. Media boom is the right word to describe the current situation of media industry of today. I can see passionate young generation coming into our industry who are already too much confident and wants to learn from the other costars.

-Which actor and actresses you would like to work with?

I would love to work with one of my favorite costar actor Noman Ejaz and if asking about women then it will be Sana Javed.

What are your hobbies, apart from the media industry and lifestyle? What keeps you busy

I like to swim, listen to music and jog. I think these three components are very important and essential to keep yourself fit and healthy. I am very possessive and keen about my health. I like to eat clean and am very restricted about my dietary habits.

-What are your favorite pastimes?

I like to hang out with friends when I am not working. I like to spend time with my pals and family when I get free time. I think it is very important to escape yourself from your busy schedule and deadlines, you know, How busy a life of an actor is. So, I try to space family and friend time

-How would you react to criticism? Do you learn from it or ignore?

I try to learn criticism. I prefer healthy criticisms since they are very important, you get to learn a lot and that makes you a better person too. Learning from your mistakes is seriously no harm. By the end of the day you are still learning however, I consider myself very friendly, kind and easy going. I sometimes become cranky about my personal things, but usually I react very positively to criticism

-What traits you would prefer in your life partner? What would amuse you the most about the person you want to get hitched with?

Cannot say it is just natural. I like intelligent conversation though. My preference is a bit different I like brainy and progressive people. Who are possessive and concerned about their goals, to sum it up in one word, I would prefer a goal-oriented and focused life partner.

-What is your style? Casual? Trendy or Formal

Depends upon my mood, but mostly casual.

–Which is your favorite movie?

Interview with a Vampire.

-Tell us about your favorite cuisines and color you love?

Thai, Japanese, continental, I like desi too. I get bored of the same routine, so I try new cuisines and restaurants. As, far is my favorite color is concerned I like Blue since I associate blue color with depth and stability.

-Three essentials every man should own

kindhearted, be clean and honest in your dealings.

-Three things you can live without  

For me, my life cycle revolves around three main components which includes fame, money, socializing.

– what things have you learned about life and the human condition from being a celebrity?

Anything is achievable if you put your mind to it, and it is better to find your own self rather than remaining in a temporary phase of fame.

-What things in life are still mystery to you?

Death, love and relationships as well as human behavior

– What advice you would like to give to your fans? 

There is no short cut in life, it only puts you way back from where you started off from.

-Any quotation which had inspired you the most? Or your advice or recommend people to follow?

Past is history tomorrow is a mystery, but present is a gift that is why it is called present.

(Misal Shahzad is a national and international blogger who has contributed her articles globally. She did her Bachelors in Social Sciences ( Journalism) from Bahria University).