18 May 2022


Alice Wells blunders & gets snubbed

Alice Wells, the outgoing Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, while ending her 30 years diplomatic career spewed out baseless statements about Sino-Pakistan relations particularly the CPEC projects. This is not the first time that a senior US diplomat has tried to tarnish and defame the China -Pakistan economic cooperation. Alice Well seems still stuck in the outdated cold-war mentality.

The US unfortunately has never been fair in dealing with Pakistan; the relations between the two countries have plummeted to the lowest level during the Trump administration. Trump has been bad-mouthing Pakistan with his mantra of “do more”. US economic cooperation and assistance to Pakistan vis a vis China’s generous investment in CPEC projects is just peanuts.

Alice Wells statement about Pak- China CPEC cooperation depicts the malice that top US diplomats harbor about economic development in Pakistan and its flourishing military and economic relations with China.

The US diplomat’s statement contradicts the economic and ground realities. The Chinese embassy in Pakistan has severely condemned her allegations as baseless lies and thrown a bundle of facts on her face which should be enough to embarrass the US State Department and its diplomats in Pakistan.

  • The CPEC project has brought $25 billion in direct investment and created more than 75,000 jobs for Pakistan. While US economic investment in Pakistan during the Trump era is almost insignificant compared to Chinese aid.
  • Further quoting the State Bank of Pakistan, the Chinese embassy said Pakistan’s debt from multilateral institutions amounts to about 47% of its total external debt, while loans from the CPEC is only $5.8 billion, 5.22% of the country’s total debt.
  • In war against COVID-19, China donated medical equipment and materials worth $55 million to Pakistan. While US assistance is zero dollars.
  • Between 2002–2011, US Congress approved $18 billion in military and economic aid. However the US reneged on its commitments during the war and Pakistan received only $8.647 billion. Pakistan had to face a loss of 120 billion dollars by joining the US war on terror.
  • China also donated 300 tons of malathion and 50 air-powered high-efficiency remote sprayers to Pakistan and sent its experts to fight the locust attack.

 The US administration’s economic and military assistance to Pakistan has almost dried up while Chinese aid is making Pakistan stronger in both sectors.

Pak- China friendship is time tested and this win-win economic partnership cannot be disrupted by malicious remarks from a petty diplomat. Pakistanis have great respect for the Chinese and not a single news channel or newspaper has criticized Pak China relations unlike US-Pak relations which have always been under severe criticism by experts due to unfair US dealings.

Sino-Pak relations are based on equal partnership and mutual respect. China has never used pressure tactics like the US and hence enjoys greater respect from the Pakistanis unlike the Americans. The US should stop criticizing China and prove its friendship by helping Pakistan instead of sabotaging CPEC projects.

Over 20,000 Pakistani students are studying in China on scholarships provided by the Chinese government and Universities. In the next phase of CPEC, both sides will strengthen the cooperation on health care, industrial development, agriculture, and education. CPEC has resuscitated and energized the Pakistani economy which was left bleeding by the US during the war on terror.

Please share your political views with the Tribune and let us know if Pakistan -US relations can move towards a win-win situation in the coming years.

 Your Editor

Shahzad Badar