18 May 2022


EDITORIAL – Delhi smells of Muslim blood and flesh

While President Trump and Prime Minister Modi signed deals for selling and buying weapons of mass destruction in Rashtrapati Bhavan the Muslims of Delhi fell prey to BJP gangs who burnt Muslim shops and homes and killed families mercilessly. Delhi’s Muslim areas smelt of burnt properties and human flesh as Trump and Modi dined together ignoring the mayhem.

The gory drama by BJP gangsters was a repeat of the Muslim massacre in Gujrat, totally calculated and planned like the attack on the Babri Mosque. Muslim mosques were attacked and vandalized as Delhi police watch and helped the Hindu attackers carry out their attacks on the Muslims. The peaceful Muslim protestors were thrown out of their areas and burnt in their houses as their leaders cried out for help. The BJP politicians had earlier threatened the Muslims protestors to go home or get shot. The Hindu mob and police shouted religious slogans as they attacked the Muslim families.

The US which claims to be the champions of democracy prefers to keep silent as Modi adopts the Hitler way of dealing with minorities. The blatant Indian policies of depriving the entire population of Kashmir of food, electricity, internet for almost a year have failed to evoke any response from the international community.  The international community has developed a bias and keeps quiet when its commercial interests are at stake.

Trump has just pocketed 3 billion dollars and would love to sell more weapons to India or any country. The champions of democracy have become the biggest violators of human rights. The Muslims and minorities of India have no way to escape the violent Hindu dharma other than to unite and demand autonomy. The Hindu majority infested with the BJP ideology will grow more violent in the years to come and unleash calculated pogroms in Kashmir and other areas. The Muslims of Delhi have paid a heavy price for casting its votes in favor of Arvind Kejriwal (AAP) party and protesting against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
Modi and the BJP have developed a toxic concoction for imposing its Hindu ideology on the Muslims and minorities of India. India under the BJP cannot boast of being democratic or secular. Its the beginning of 1947 for India.

Please share your views about India’s fake secularism and democracy with us.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar