16 Aug 2022


Pakistan calls on Int’l community to take action on Islamophobia situation in India

(Desk Report)

Pakistan has strongly condemned highly derogatory remarks recently made by two senior officials of India’s ruling party BJP, that disrespect the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson said that these totally unacceptable remarks have not only deeply hurt the sentiments of the people of Pakistan, but of billions of Muslims around the world.

The statement further stated that BJP’s attempted clarification, and belated and perfunctory disciplinary action against these individuals cannot assuage the pain and anguish they have caused to the Muslim world. Muslims residing in India are equally outraged by the completely repugnant comments by the two BJP officials. The ensuing communal violence in Kanpur and in other parts of India bears testimony to this fact.

The statement also expressed deep concern at the alarming rise in communal violence and hatred directed against the Muslims in India.  It said that Muslims in India are being systematically stigmatized, marginalized and subjected to a well-orchestrated onslaught from radical Hindu mobs with full connivance and support of the security apparatus across various states in India. Regrettably, the Indian state machinery has remained aloof to the desperate calls for assistance by the local Muslim communities across the country.