06 Jul 2022


Strange Addictions From Around The World


Mahnoor Tahsin


Some things are habits, others are addictions. There’s a great big difference in them, habits don’t cause any brain chemical change and though they may seem like a necessity, a person can definitely live without it.

On the other hand, an addiction is an abnormal craving for something which causes brain chemical change and disrupts everyday life routines. We may joke about being addicted to the internet, or chocolate, but what if you were seriously addicted to it? What if you couldn’t stop using the internet no matter how sleep deprived you are? I present you with a couple of examples of these extremely strange and somewhat abominable addictions which people, just like you except for some…. weird cravings.

  • Pica Addiction

Photo by: Lynn Johnson

Rack your brain for that child in your class who used to eat dirt in kindergarten. This may be an addiction or a psychological disorder for some people who are prone to eat things without any nutritional value. These objects range from things like mud or clay to perilous objects such as nails, coins, bulbs or buttons.


  • Crunchy Chewing

Pagophagia, the term for the condition when a person can’t stop chewing ice. Everybody loves ice cubes, but when you are chewing on them 24/7, it spells trouble. This indicates iron deficiency and is a form of pica addiction. This usually happens due to a developmental disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or just plain stress.

Photo by: Alrai.com

  • Animal Hoarding

Ever made fun of the crazy cat lady of your neighbourhood? This is, in fact, an addiction for some people. Animal hoarders collect animals, lots of them, usually in their homes. They often live in cramped and close spaces unfit for animals. Let alone for humans.

Photo by CBSNews

  • Excursive

For most of us, this may seem impossible. Addicted to exercise? Ha! But for some people obsess too much over their calorie intake and exercise. They exercise for a minimum of two hours every day sometimes to a point of injury and continue to work out despite their injury. No pain, no gain.

Photo by: Daily express

  • Video games

The plea o every mother, turn that screen off and go play outside, almost every child is addicted to playing video games but that’s just metaphorically speaking. Hardcore video game addicts have been driven to murder, suicide or death by exhaustion. In some cases, people were so engaged in the games that they forgot to eat and their health deteriorated dramatically.

Photo by: University of Rochester

  • Food

Everybody loves food, many people are eating food almost half of the day and some eat like a normal human being but conversely, for some people, it gets so serious that they eat themselves to death. If food is placed in front of you, you could joke all you want about devouring it whole but you’d be aware of the after effects but for a food addict, it is as simple as that. They pay no heed to any of that. Living in the moment isn’t always food for you.

Photo by: Chiang Mai

  • Teeth Whitening

Everything extreme is unhealthy. So is whitening your teeth too much. Everybody loves a perfect smile, but some even use bleach to whiten their teeth and make them ‘shine like pearls’. These people brush their teeth several times a day and the well-known celebrity, Katy Perry, is also an addict of this, confessing to brushing her teeth up to 6 times a day.

Photo by: the lifestyle library

  • Social Media

This one is kind of common. Do you feel restless when you are parted from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? This addiction is a very serious issue in today’s youth where it results in lack of sleep and interferes with daily life. At times, social media addicts feel anxious and even physically ill when their internet isn’t within their reach.

Photo by: Brandignity

  • Reading

This may seem like a good habit but it isn’t when it is 3 am and you are craving for; just one more chapter’ and you have school tomorrow. People who are Addicted to reading can’t seem to put their books down which disturbs their work schedule as well as their sleep schedule.

Photo by: times higher education

  • Funerals

This addiction is kind of creepy; people who are addicted to funerals may go to lengths to fulfil their need of going to funerals. Those who are addicted search the internet, newspaper or any other source of information for deaths in their town. They need to go to funerals on regular basis, sometimes even twice a day.

Photo by: ThoughtCo